Extra-vergin Olive Oil

Our extra-vergin olive oil it is simply pure and cold extract olive "juice". No chimical added and mechanically pressed to preserve in all is integrity taste and health benefits. 

1 Lt bottle


50 Cl Bottle


25 Cl Bottle



Pour a little in a small glass and warm the glass in one hand, while covering it with the other. Now put your nose into the glass to smell the aromas. A good quality Olive oil will reminds  you of fresh olives, grass, bananas and apples. Hay, cardboard, vinegar, mud and mustiness are some of the aromas that indicate an olive oil has gone bad.

Sundried tomatos

Using only tomatos naturally grown with no Gmo's, no pestiside or cimicals

 and  locally grown.

50 Cl Bottle


50 Cl Bottle




Quality should be respected

190 ml (25 tomatos)


110 ml (12 all tomatos)


Pesto 110 ml  


More than just a vinegar: a varitable condiment. And it's not just balsamic: it's traditional too. Traditional Balsamic Vinager from Reggio Emilia: its very name hints at the secret of its exclusivity: "Balsamic" bracause it was once the medication of Kings and Emperors. Today it is the condiment par excellence. "Traditional" because its history goes back through the centuries. "From Reggio Emilia" because it comes from and area in Italy that truly has a culinary vocation.

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar from Reggio Emilia is precious and should be reserved for those who appreciate its rich flavour. But it is also an extremely pure essence delighting the sense, as just a few droplets add character and a distinctive personality to any dish.

The authenticity of D.O.P. vinegars is safeguarded by the Consortium of Producers of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar from Reggio Emilia. Traditional Balsamic is closed into one of the three categories depending on the assessment of the tasters: Oro (Gold), Argento (Silver), Aragosta (Crimson).


24 years (100ml)


18 years (100ml)


12 years (100ml)


Seasoning quality

10 years (250ml)


10 years (100ml)


5 years (250ml)


5 years (100ml)


1 year (250ml)


1 year (100ml)